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Design Therapy

I am just recently returning to work, after taking off for a few years not by choice, but by dealing with a chronic illness. A few years back I was very happy to be working around creative people at Busybee, and really loving every day coming to learn more and more about furniture lines, interior design projects, and materials that were so cool you couldn’t even imagine all the possibilities for their uses. I got to a point with my disease that I could no longer function at work, and was forced to leave the workforce until I found treatment which would allow me to function well enough to be productive and live a normal life without being in and out of the hospital. In the time I wasn’t working, I still honed my love of art and design and spent the days stuck in hospitals doing online window shopping (always for furniture) and reading design blogs just waiting for the time I could go back to doing what I loved. Fortunately after a nearly 3 year fight, I was able to get everything controlled well enough to go back to what I loved most – working with design!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not cured and every day I have pain and things I really wish I wasn’t dealing with. There’s a very therapeutic aspect of getting really engulfed in a project and seeing it all come together. I find loving what you do to be the ultimate form of therapy. When thing seem hopeless and maybe not the outcome I want to be in with my health, seeing something truly beautiful, unique, and colorful has a way of taking over all the bad thoughts and just reminding myself of all the amazing beautiful things in the world. Seeing a finish project and the wows and go with it, is the ultimate reward in knowing something has truly transformed from not anything noteworthy to a true well designed space that someone is going to love for years to come. Every day I have my challenges, and I’m very happy to say that even for days when I don’t know if I can get out of bed, coming to work and seeing the enthusism and creativity reminds me that even when you feel defeated, seeing the beauty in everyday can help you pull through.

What does this have to do with tattoos you ask? This is a picture Anna took of my back the other day. This is a tattoo I have which started as a cover up of some much regretted pieces I got at the end of my teens, but was designed as cover up that takes up my entire back. Oddly, would you believe I sometimes forget I even have this tattoo? It takes seeing a picture and having someone compliment how much they appreciate the artwork and the time it took to get this piece for me to even realize that what I think is nothing significant because I’ve been living with it every day for years– others find interesting and beautiful. So, this thanksgiving whether it’s looking at your life accomplishments, or beautiful pictures, or just even looking at your family for a minute – the things we have in front of us which ARE special and beautiful are there and this is the perfect day to look at them all with love.

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