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Line We Love: Phillips Collection

For our clients with discerning taste and a desire for unique statement pieces, there’s one vendor that we know is always sure to please. Pulling inspiration from one of a kind pieces found in Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Rim, this furniture is anything but ordinary. Our designers agree. “Finding interesting non-traditional art can be tricky, but this line carries some amazing sculptural wall pieces. One of my personal favorites is a set of oversized silver or copper disks. They add a 3-dimensional element and create an amazing focal point in a room,” says lead designer, Alexis Pew. “Plus, their teak root console tables are amazing!”

This Busybee living room design featured multiple items from Phillips (including the coffee and dining tables), to create an earthy and eclectic final look – while still keeping the feel modern and elegant.Whether it’s a gnarled organic root, a silver-leafed river stone, or a simple stone table – this line does it all with style. If you’re looking to add a touch of the unexpected to your own home, look no further.

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